Build a Mistake-Proof Organization


Safety systems like the Hierarchy of Controls and behavior-based safety are designed to mitigate the breakdowns in performance that lead to incidents. When they fail, blame often falls on the injured—with “human error” the stated cause of the injury. But what about the organizational errors that contribute to risk-taking behavior? What about the leadership actions and culture expectations that rush performance and place high levels of stress and fatigue on workers?

Please join us on December 7 for our complimentary webinar Why Did They Do That? Understanding the Neuroscience of Risk-Taking. Led by organizational psychologist and human reliability expert, Dr. Susan Koen, this webinar takes a practical look at the science underlying risk-taking in the workplace and discusses the ways you can build greater operational reliability into your organization. Dr. Koen examines:

  • The neuroscience of risk processing
  • The individual, team, and organizational factors that lead to risk-taking
  • Solutions needed to prevent undesired risk-taking

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Sunday, 19 November 2017