Your Safety Audit Checklist Isn’t Enough


Effective audits of policies, procedures, and standards are fundamental to ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates. But auditing shouldn’t stop there. Safety audit checklists and mandatory safety inspections only go so far. High-reliability organizations take safety audits to the next level and target inquiry on hazards and exposures, so they can keep ahead of risks and prevent injuries before they happen. Safety audits should also include organizational programs that impact the safety culture, such as hiring and promoting practices, and rewards systems designed to encourage safer performance.

In our e-book, Inquiry: The Importance of Auditing in Safety, we introduce Inquiry, the second characteristic of high-reliability organizations, and discuss the best strategies for leveraging audits to unearth and monitor obstacles to safe work. The e-book covers:

  • Key areas your auditing process should focus on
  • Suggestions for innovating your auditing process
  • Technology that supports auditing and streamlines the process
  • Strategies that optimize your safety auditing process

Having the right technology, knowledge, and strategy in place to manage your audits and up-scale safety inspections will facilitate timely risk removal and allow for constant and continuous improvement of the organization’s safety program. The end result is greater efficiency, smoother production, and safer employees.

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Wednesday, 21 March 2018