Four essentials for making real progress in safety
and operational performance

Next-level process safety performance takes actionable and measurable practices that drive the organizational activities that mitigate risk. Find out how you can move your company forward and ensure that your technical systems have the support they need to succeed.

5 Critical Actions for Advancing Safety & Health Performance Right Now

Safer, more reliable performance starts within. Brain-centric principles and procedures are revolutionizing the way we think about, lead, and support safety performance. Is your organization aligned?

Preventing Serious Injuries & Fatalities

Traditional safety efforts are failing to prevent serious and fatal injuries because they're not designed to. To save lives, organisations must design a strategy that targets the unique precursors and life-altering exposures in their workplace. Let us show you how.


About DEKRA Insight


As the global leader in safety at work, DEKRA Insight is a consultant and business partner to many of the world’s largest chemical, oil and gas, transportation, utilities, pharmaceutical, and agriculture companies. We bring a passionate, scientific approach to the process of helping clients transform safety. Our knowledge and experience enables clients to mitigate risk to their employees, assets, and reputation in a quantifiable manner—and in the process, enhance business performance. DEKRA Insight represents the collective expertise of our legacy businesses, each an institution in safety: BST, Chilworth, RCI Safety, Optimus Seventh Generation, and partner RoundTheClock Resources.

DEKRA Insight has over 500 employees in 22 offices and 16 countries. We are a service unit of DEKRA S.E., a global leader in safety since 1925 with over 35,000 employees.