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The Utilities Industry: powering lives daily


Utilities organizations form a trillion dollar industry, and a particular challenge for workplace safety. The work is difficult and highly regulated, the customers are demanding, the risks are real, and the standards are high. Doing more work with higher pressure for longer hours is a dangerous recipe for compromised safety. We take pride in helping utilities companies build smart, efficient cultures of safety that streamline operations, create efficiencies and reduce risk and exposure to the people that work hard and long to keep our communities powered up and running smoothly.

We build strong foundations for safety

The days of utility companies having one unsupported “safety guru” on staff are long gone. Today, our proven solutions help utilities leaders develop a comprehensive, defined strategy that positions safety as a priority, then relentlessly reinforces this message through strategically positioned safety professionals who engage employees at all levels, and in all locations. We help utilities companies build integrated cultures of safety that permeate all operational activities, reinforced by a committed and active corporate citizenship and exemplified by strong lines of communication and frontline dynamics where professionals educate, advocate and support one another.

Reliability trumps unpredictability

Utilities companies have thousands of employees in labs, on poles, in trucks, on roofs, or underground at any given time. Given their size and reach and the unpredictable nature of the job, it is critical to help them develop an organized and thoughtful approach to safety. All employees must get used to operating in a safe and consistent manner, no matter what the situation. We help utilities clients put tailored safety processes and systems in place that can be relied upon when and where you need them. This reliability lets leadership at all levels act confidently and swiftly, taking informed, decisive action to reduce risk and eliminate exposures immediately and effectively, right at the working interface.

Information is king

A critical element of both the utilities industry and its safety culture is the collection, management, assessment and application of information. We begin by quantitatively assessing safety performance, analyzing existing practices and systems to gauge how well they are working. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to continually improve safety systems on an ongoing basis, collecting and managing data that delivers actionable information. And we apply new approaches to past performance analysis, incident investigation and other means of retroactive assessment to learn from our past so that we do not repeat it.

Utilities are about people

People need heat, energy, water and shelter. In the face of extreme elements, often on short notice, and occasionally at great personal risk, the professionals of the utilities industry provide these services. We never forget that there are people behind the processes, and we push the boundaries of thought leadership, implement sustainable systems, and leverage cutting edge science and technologies—all to reduce risks and exposures, and help these professionals make it home safely to their families each and every day.

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