Providing the framework for safety execution and results

Safety at work is fundamentally structured along a basic framework that ensures that the right processes, systems and people are in place to optimize safety and success. Each professional must be positioned ideally, armed with the tools and expertise to maximize his or her talents. What are our safety goals? Who has accountability for safety in our organization? How can we put people in optimal positions for safety success within our organization? How do we make sure that personal and process safety performance is aligned with visibility across levels and functions? With our proven approach to workplace safety governance and capability, we help organizations answer these basic questions and create an ironclad framework that builds and reinforces sustainable organizational safety.

We build structures that reinforce roles and responsibilities for safety.

Safety starts at the top, and effective safety governance reflects the commitment and buy-in of leadership. Exposures to risk are not just front line issues; they are framework issues. They reflect management decisions, organizational policies, and cultural norms. We help leaders build organizational structures that incorporate safety as an integral business function, influencing operational execution and complementing other core business processes. We work to establish safety at the heart of your culture, encouraging widespread involvement and honest accountability and creating clear pathways to sustained success.

We put safety professionals in a position to provide maximum value.

In a restaurant without a chef, the food is not going to be very good. Similarly, an organization without a dedicated safety professional faces extremely long odds of building and maintaining a culture of safety excellence. We see safety professionals as powerful agents of cultural change. The less they are restricted to simple rule enforcement and the more they are truly incorporated into the cultural construct of an organization, the higher the level of function and the better the safety performance of the organization.

We build ownership and accountability in operational staff.

As a culture of safety becomes ingrained into an organization, particular care needs to be paid to the role of operational staff in reinforcing safety initiatives. Safety is not just for the safety experts – it has to be a priority organization-wide, cutting across traditional boundaries and roles. Goals and initiatives must be continually reinforced and revisited, And leaders at all levels must learn to recognize and reinforce safety leadership in their personnel, identifying valuable opportunities where each individual can have the greatest impact.