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Insight Via™ - Preventative Maintenance

Organizes all maintenance in one easy to use system. This easy to use application puts control in the hands of the Maintenance Manager. It provides the ability to customize maintenance schedules and work orders—including instructions for how specific maintenance activities and tasks should be performed—and ensures that maintenance is accurate, consistent, and in line with company objectives.


  • Management can control who enters information into the application
  • Label critical maintenance issues and tasks
  • Location specific maintenance and tasks
  • Service intervals
  • Printable maintenance records
  • Calendar view of scheduled maintenance and tasks
  • Record all parts and attributes of individual equipment
  • Ability to upload owner's manual
  • Upload supporting files including pictures
  • Track cost for contractor labor, internal labor and materials
  • Create, edit and print work orders
  • Robust reporting system
  • Track cost of most expensive maintenance and tasks
  • Ability to track maintenance on entire machine or by individual machine part
  • Track the history of all preventative maintenance activities
  • Track compliance with preventative maintenance schedules
  • Print work orders right from Calendar View
  • Alert management of past due maintenance activities and tasks
  • Available in multiple languages