Powering High Performance Reliability

Our solutions are customer-proven to power High Performance Reliability at both the organizational and human levels of the business enterprise, despite the challenges of an Always-On World.

Traditional operations focus on silo initiatives in talent management, operational excellence and employee engagement to achieve performance optimization. The silo approach doesn’t work in today’s globally-focused, dynamic and interdependent businesses. Today’s business environment requires a coherent, systemic approach to attaining and sustaining Right-First-Time performance in individuals and work teams, an approach targeted towards the integration of reliability-focused leadership & culture, brain-centered hazards management, and work team capabilities for performance reliability.

After 30 years of producing breakthrough results in global & multi-shift enterprises, we know that sustained performance results, especially in key metrics of Operational Reliability, Organizational Resiliency and Business Profitability, have to be powered by Four Pillars of High Performance Reliability:

To achieve lasting breakthrough results, our SAFR System Methodology starts with the SAFR Operations™ Analysis. This systems analysis of current operations identifies the root causes of performance errors and reliability gaps, and also determines the most efficient and effective path to a High Performance Reliability Organization (HighPRO). Then, based on the Reliability Roadmap configured to the Analysis findings, we apply systemic change interventions at multiple, interrelated points in your organization to power High Performance Reliability among executives, managers, supervisors/team leaders, front-line employees and the enterprise as a whole.

Our Methodology results in a High Performance Reliability Organization (HighPRO) comprised of seven core operational components. These components work together in alignment with your Business, Operations and HR/HCM Strategies to produce measurable, sustainable performance results all the time, anytime and across time.

High Performance Reliability Pentangle