Process Safety Management

The management of process hazards in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and process industries has become an increasing and world-wide concern of many stakeholders, including the public, legislators, employees, and contractors. In response to serious incidents, regulations have been enacted in many countries to establish management systems that identify and control process hazards.

As a Trusted Advisor, we assist our clients in not only meeting the legislated requirements for process safety management, but also support corporate concerns for safety of on-site personnel and the community that exceed minimum regulatory requirements. This is accomplished by applying the global Process Safety expertise of Dekra Insight to focus on developing and supporting an effective set of Process Safety management practices specific to a client’s hazards.

Our approach

Process Safety Management (PSM) regulations (as examples: OSHA 1910.119 in the U.S., and SEVESO Directive in Europe), and industry guidelines from many professional associations (such as the Center for Chemical Process Safety) drive PSM practices. Our services are designed to help companies comply with these PSM requirements, by providing information that allows the selection and implementation of the most effective practices for each client. Our approach looks holistically at Process Safety Management Systems, Proficiency of Facility Staff at All Levels, and Organizational Culture. Our experience has shown that this broader view of Process Safety helps ensure that a PSM program:

  • Fits seamlessly into our clients’ business models and operations,
  • Is accepted and embraced by corporate management, staff, and employees,
  • Becomes a real part of a company’s culture, and
  • Is successfully implemented throughout the lifecycle of operations, to lower process risks.

Our experience, methodologies, and expertise

Our global team of PSM experts has extensive experience in developing and implementing effective PSM programs in the process industries. We provide PSM expertise to the chemical, petrochemical, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, food & beverage industries. Although these industries are most concerned with Highly Hazardous Chemicals (HHC), there are many other materials that are not traditionally considered as HHC, but can present significant combustibility, reactivity, and toxicity hazards.

Our PSM consultants are process, chemical, and safety engineers with strong industry backgrounds, complemented by in-depth expertise in process safety. Through our global offices, located in twelve offices worldwide, we offer and can tailor the following PSM services to your needs:

  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Program Development, Implementation and Improvement
  • PSM Auditing and Compliance-Gap Identification (OSHA, Seveso, CCPS Risk Based Process Safety, and others)
  • Dekra Insight Process Safety Academy, which provides a comprehensive PSM competency development program for employees at all levels.
  • Assessment of Process Safety Culture & Organizational Reliability
  • Process Hazard Analysis (HAZOP, LOPA, HAZID, What-if, Checklist, FMEA, Bow Tie, Fault Tree)
  • Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), including Consequence Modeling
  • Facility Siting Studies
  • Process Safety Information compilation, and assessment of adequacy
  • Laboratory testing capabilities, to assess and document reactivity and flammability hazards.
  • PreStart-Up Safety Reviews (PSSR)
  • Evaluation of Non-Routine Operations and Permitting Procedures
  • Evaluation of Emergency Plans and Practices
  • Building Code & Fire Code Hazardous Materials Reviews
  • Develop & Review Major Accident Hazard Safety Case Reports
  • Evaluation of SEVESO Compliance Reports
  • Technical and Organizational Procedural/Administrative Hazard-Control Measure Assessment
  • Evaluation of the Safety Features in Process Design and Control
  • Study of Operating and Maintenance Practices in the Field
  • Assistance in the Investigation of Fire, Explosion, Reactivity, and PPE-Inadequacy Incidents
  • Support in Litigation, as Expert Witness

Our PSM services are supported by our worldwide offices, and are available in a wide variety of languages, including English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic and Hindi.