Our Story: DEKRA Insight

DEKRA Insight – Bringing science to the heart of safety

DEKRA Insight was not born—it was built. Built on a collection of minds; experts in our fields, leaders in workplace safety, process safety and information systems. We are thought leaders, collaborators, communicators, forward-thinkers. We share a common commitment to safety—and a core commitment to people.

DEKRA Insight represents the collective expertise of our legacy businesses, each an institution in safety: BST, Chilworth, RCI Safety, Optimus Seventh Generation, and RoundTheClock Resources. We have over 500 employees, and growing, in 22 offices and 16 countries. Together, we help organizations improve organizational and process safety and implement software solutions in support of safety performance to save lives, prevent injuries, and protect assets.

Here is how we got here:

1925: DEKRA takes on a mission of safety excellence

DEKRA SE, our parent company, is one of the world’s leading service-providing expert organizations, with safety as its mission and calling. Since 1925, DEKRA has provided world-class safety products and services, including motor vehicle testing, damage reports, accident analyses and technical reports, safety tests, initial and in-service training, employment agency work, certification, environmental services, materials testing, building surveys, consulting and specialist publications. With a presence in 50 countries in Western and Eastern Europe, as well as in the USA, Brazil, northern and South Africa, Israel, Japan and China, DEKRA’s reach and impact already extends around the globe.

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2011: Chilworth makes us a world leader in process safety

grayscale 52 chilworthIn 2011, DEKRA acquired Chilworth Global. The experts at Chilworth are proven leaders in process safety management, explosion protection, hazard testing and analysis, consulting and training. They use state-of-the-art testing facilities—and employ the world’s leading minds in process safety, explosion safety and testing. In partnering with Chilworth, DEKRA not only dramatically furthered our mission of delivering a comprehensive and scientific safety solution, but also added a client base that covers more than 20 countries and multiple fields of manufacturing and business.

2012: BST helps us transform the way that safety leaders think

grayscale 52 bstIn 2012, DEKRA added world leader Behavioral Science Technology (BST). Since 1979, BST has been delivering outstanding results in safety performance for leading organizations in over 70 countries around the world. Their consultants have deep-rooted expertise in a number of fields and their solutions have shown dramatic results across multiple industries. They are pioneers in behavior-based safety, and industry leaders in transforming corporate cultures to focus on safety performance and sustainability. Now a critical element of DEKRA Insight, BST’s experts and approach help companies develop strategies to identify safety as a priority, and integrate safety functioning into the very DNA of their businesses.

2014: RCI Safety brings cutting-edge data management to safety

grayscale 52 rciIn 2014, our safety offerings became more technologically comprehensive with the addition of RCI Safety. RCI Safety delivers world-leading data management applications—specializing in web-based, customizable, single-source tracking of critical safety-related and operational data, including behavior-based safety observations, audits, incident investigations, quality management, and other system information. By combining BST’s and RCI Safety’s thought leadership and technology, DEKRA Insight has been able to effectively close the gap between data and insight, and provide informed and actionable safety solutions to our clients.

2015: Optimus Seventh Generation proves a perfect match for safety improvement

grayscale 52 optimusOptimus Seventh Generation joined DEKRA Insight in 2015. Optimus Seventh Generation is committed to making a difference in the world of work through behavior-based safety, occupational health and safety training, testing, and global risk consulting. Joining forces with Optimus Seventh Generation was a perfect match for DEKRA Insight—increasing our range, our resources, and our expertise—and supporting our goal of transformative operational excellence for anyone, anywhere, across a broader range of needs with a wider range of services than ever before.

2015: RoundTheClock Resources deepens our scientific approach to safety

grayscale 52 rtcIn 2015, DEKRA announced a partnership with noted organizational psychologist Dr. Susan Koen and consulting firm RoundTheClock Resources, Inc., acquiring exclusive rights to RTC’s proprietary fatigue risk management and brain-centric reliability services. RoundTheClock analyzes organizational cultures, structures and processes through the lens of circadian and fatigue physiology, as well as neuroscience, identifying the improvements needed for high reliability and performance in 24/7 operations. This new layer of scientific excellence underscores DEKRA Insight’s commitment to applying data to create cultural shifts within organizations. DEKRA Insight is about science at the heart of safety—and RTC’s proven ability to leverage information to build cultures of reliability further ensures that we are second to none.

This is our story. Our future is to rewrite the way the world thinks about safety.

These legacy businesses form the critical foundation of DEKRA Insight, each bringing its own rich history of expertise and excellence, coming together to offer a holistic, comprehensive approach to safety unprecedented in our industry. Together, we have built an organization dedicated to maximizing resources, pushing boundaries, thinking differently, and delivering excellence in science, technology and thought leadership—all with the common goal of making our world a safer place to live and work.