A New Solution to Solve Today's Safety Challenges


"This is one of the most revolutionary things we've done in my 25 years with DEKRA."

That's how DEKRA Principal Consultant, Larry Russell, describes the announcement of DEKRA's new safety solution: Exposure Based Safety™ (EBS). According to Russell, EBS combines the latest advancements in science and technology to give you quicker and more efficient safety results than any other Behavior Based Safety program.

"We will be able to get people doing observations hopefully within 4 to 6 weeks as opposed to the old days of taking 4 to 5 months to get started. We're streamlining activities, giving our clients better data, better problem-solving and [better] action-planning."

Organizers say the key to EBS is maintaining the core principles of DEKRA's Behavioral Accident Prevention Process® (BAPP®) while addressing today's safety needs.

"You don't want to throw the baby out with the bath water," says DEKRA Principal Consultant, Stan Owens. "You want to keep what you have [and] enhance [it]. That's what Exposure Based Safety will actually do is enhance the behavioral process by really getting people to understand the interface between behavior and exposure."

DEKRA experts says EBS has the following advantages over any of its Behavior Based Safety predecessors:

  • Gets to the observation stage 50% quicker
  • Reduces the qualified observers by 25% to 10-15% of the population
  • Does person to person observations, not peer to peer
  • Includes concepts about Serious Injury and Fatality as well as Brain-Centric Research
  • No longer requires a steering team but still has a full time facilitator
  • Is driven by real time data available to everyone in the organization at the same time
  • Drives targeted observations based on data trends, heat maps, etc.

"In the past, we've used leading indicators in a lagging way," says DEKRA Principal Consultant, Jim Heinzman. "With this process, we can now use leading indicators with real-time data that an organization can react to, can address, very quickly."

DEKRA consultants says the EBS Technology will allow you to record samples from the work floor on a smart phone or tablet and then enter that data instantly into a dynamic dashboard system. That dashboard system will give you instantaneous analytics on what exposures need to be addressed where.

"With Exposure Based Safety, the technology we're using gives me information right now that I can act on and [it's] leading indicator," says DEKRA Principal Consultant, Susan Murphy. "It tells me where the exposure is. I can address it right now or very shortly after and take care of, mitigate, that exposure before anything negative happens."

To learn more about how DEKRA's EBS Technology addresses today's safety needs in the workplace, download our new eBook Time to Evolve: Why Your Safety Program Needs to Change.

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Friday, 22 June 2018