Rewarding Workers for Safety – the Right Way


Many organizations have a "pay for performance" system built into departmental or individual safety goals. Everyone likes to be recognized, and if there’s a little gift or monetary incentive along with that recognition, even better! But is a tangible reward the best way to incentivize employees to follow safety procedures? According to Paul Angelo, Principal Consultant at DEKRA, rewarding workers for attaining zero injuries in a department during a specific time period can lead to under-reporting incidents just to get the reward.

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Drowsy Driving? An Accident Waiting to Happen


Drowsy driving contributes to more crashes than the federal government had initially estimated, according to a new study by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. Sleepiness can result in crashes at any time of the day or night, but there are factors that are most commonly associated with drowsy-driving crashes. Read our blog to learn about the preventative measures you can take.

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Contain Your Risk! Safety Reminders for Unloading Shipping Containers

Contain Your Risk! Safety Reminders for Unloading Shipping Containers

Unloading shipping containers isn’t easy, workers need to be aware of the many safety hazards that could potentially arise. Here are a few reminders on safe loading and unloading that could prevent an injury and are worth reviewing.

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Why Fall Prevention Awareness Week is Personal to DEKRA SVP, Don Martin


Fall Prevention Awareness Week is an excellent opportunity for organizations to renew their safety efforts around working at height. Find out why DEKRA’s SVP Don Martin feels this is an important week.

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Top 10 Safety Topics Your Colleagues Are Reading About


A compilation of DEKRA's Greatest Hits in safety reading. The very best white papers and e-books that your peers found most impactful.

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The Dangers of Brain Fatigue


Neurocognitive fatigue can seriously impair performance and contribute to at-risk behavior. Discover what organizational leaders can do to mitigate its effects.

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Is Your Organization Aligned to Reduce Human Error?


We recently surveyed safety and reliability leaders on safety opportunities in their organization. How does your company stack up?

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Fresh Eyes Can Make the Difference


We may be overlooking safety and not even know it.

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A New Solution to Solve Today's Safety Challenges


DEKRA is launching a brand new solution called Exposure Based Safety™.

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Taking Stock of Behavior-Based Safety: What’s Next?


Learn from Jim Spigener, whose lifetime in safety informs a revealing look at the future of employee-led safety.

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