Rewarding Workers for Safety – the Right Way


Many organizations have a "pay for performance" system built into departmental or individual safety goals. Everyone likes to be recognized, and if there’s a little gift or monetary incentive along with that recognition, even better! But is a tangible reward the best way to incentivize employees to follow safety procedures? According to Paul Angelo, Principal Consultant at DEKRA, rewarding workers for attaining zero injuries in a department during a specific time period can lead to under-reporting incidents just to get the reward.

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Top 10 Safety Topics Your Colleagues Are Reading About


A compilation of DEKRA's Greatest Hits in safety reading. The very best white papers and e-books that your peers found most impactful.

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The Economy is Picking Up – Make Sure Safety Doesn’t Let Down


During times of growth, safety can struggle to keep up with changes in the business. Here are some important things to consider.

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Driving Toward Zero


Learn how BNSF Intermodel Railway is creating a culture aimed at zero injuries.

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Learning Safety from the Best


Discover how to implement the four core safety disciplines of high-reliability organizations.

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A New Solution to Solve Today's Safety Challenges


DEKRA is launching a brand new solution called Exposure Based Safety™.

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A Case Study in Safety Excellence


Learn how South Dakota Wheat Growers became one of America’s Safest Companies.

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The 4 Measurable Safety Disciplines of High-Reliability Organizations


Discover the practical and assessable steps to better safety and reliability.

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"The change in our trajectory is pretty amazing."


The Consolidated Container Company (CCC) is one of the US’s leading suppliers of rigid plastic containers. In this Q&A, Consolidated’s SVP of Operations Services Group, Jeff Brubaker, reveals how the company’s partnership with DEKRA is revolutionizing CCC’s safety outcomes.

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3 Ways the Food Industry Can Engage People in Safety

3 Ways the Food Industry Can Engage People in Safety

Safety is a proven path to operational excellence. Learn how food manufacturers are leveraging the power of their workforce.

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