Controlling Fatality Exposure in the Utility Industry


Utility lineworkers and employees face serious exposures every day. Jobs around energized panels and with commercial lighting systems, working at heights on power poles, handling dangerous equipment, and operating in remote locations and inclement conditions are all high-risk activities that contribute to serious injuries and fatalities (SIF).

While many organizations attribute SIFs to breakdowns in rule compliance, it is vital that leaders look at the broader scope of cultural and organizational influences that encourage workers to push past red flags in the name of getting the job done.

In our upcoming webinar Understanding and Controlling Life-Threatening Exposures in the Utility Industry: What Leaders Can Do, DEKRA vice presidents and global practice leaders for SIF prevention, Don Martin and Michael Hajaistron discuss new findings on life-threatening exposures in the Utilities industry. They explore:

  • What Utilities companies can learn from the latest SIF study
  • Practical solutions leaders can start implementing immediately
  • The cultural and organizational influences the drive risk taking
  • How leaders can support and reinforce safe behaviors

Serious injuries and fatalities in the Utilities industry are preventable. They are the result of conditions and behaviors (e.g., work-arounds) that have occurred previously and have been ignored or allowed to continue because “nothing bad has happened”—until it finally does. Applying systematic and proven prevention practices can ensure the right behaviors are always supported and reinforced.

Please join us on Jun 26, 2017, to learn how you can ensure workers are getting the job done safely—rather than just getting it done.

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Safety in the News
Safety in the News

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