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We know that great culture is predictive of great safety. Companies that demonstrate proficiency across organizational traits indicative of healthy cultures consistently report far fewer injuries (typically half or fewer) than less-functional cultures. World-class cultures are built on employee engagement. Engagement advances teamwork, communication, leadership support, executive involvement, and enterprise momentum that leads to committed organizational citizenship, increased worker discretionary effort, and employee engagement essential to strong safety outcomes.

Since the late 1970s, BBS has been a critical lever for employee engagement. Its focus on peer-to-peer communication and cooperation, team building, frontline leadership development, and cross-level collaboration has strengthened inter-organizational ties and company synergy. Over the course of our time implementing BBS programs around the world, we’ve seen it reform damaged relationships, build bridges between labor and management, and strengthen the partnership between executives and frontline employees.

BBS builds relationships. And relationships are the lifeblood of engagement.

And BBS has done a lot more. For nearly 40 years, BBS has shifted risk perception, expanded standard and procedural awareness, and uncovered hidden hazards and exposures in the workplace. It has provided leaders with accurate data that allows them to measure performance, target exposures ahead of incidents, and get the most out of resources. And it has empowered workers to take command of their own safety, while getting the leadership support needed to effect engineering, procedural, and equipment changes critical to exposure elimination.

Despite a history of remarkable success, the story of BBS has had its twists and turns. Counterfeit processes have damaged its reputation and mistakes in execution and understanding have marred an otherwise strong success rate. The good news is we’ve learned from the past and that knowledge has made modern BBS smarter, more efficient, and—most importantly—more effective at achieving results indicative of the world’s greatest cultures and safety performers.

In our ebook The Behavior-Based Safety Journey: Roadblocks and Solutions to Engage Employees in Safety, we take a look at BBS through the years and examine:

  • The roots of BBS: critical behaviors, data, and observation and feedback
  • Common stumbling blocks that have undercut past engagement efforts
  • What’s next for BBS, creating momentum to engage employees going forward

Download the ebook and get rolling with BBS!

Safety in the News
Safety in the News

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Friday, 25 September 2020