Let’s Talk Safety: The Critical Importance of Proactive Communication


When it comes to building a strong foundation for safety in the workplace, a healthy relationship must be established between employees and the employer. The best way to positively and effectively create this type of relationship is by establishing clear and open lines of communication through proactive engagement and activities.

Empowering employees to speak up about concerns and discuss changes in exposure gives them ownership of personal safety and proactively addresses risk before it leads to incidents or injuries. Communication must also be encouraged upward, to supervisors and other frontline leaders, so action can be taken to remove hazards or adjust the work to ensure safe performance. This type of communication requires high levels of trust and accountability from management to frontline employees.

In our ebook Where to Start in Safety: Communication, we discuss how to build a foundation for safety communication in your organization. We cover key areas of proactive communication:

  • Reporting first aid incidents
  • Near-miss reporting
  • Serious injury and fatality identification
  • Behavior-based safety observations

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Safety in the News
Safety in the News

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Friday, 25 September 2020