New Research is Revealing Surprises About Behavior-Based Safety


We know that great culture is predictive of great safety. Companies that demonstrate proficiency across organizational traits indicative of healthy cultures consistently report far fewer injuries (typically half or less) than under-performing cultures. World-class cultures build teamwork, communication, leadership support, executive involvement, and enterprise momentum that leads to committed organizational citizenship, increased discretionary effort, and employee engagement essential to strong safety outcomes.

Since the late 1970s, our BBS technology has been a critical lever for culture change. Its focus on peer-to-peer communication and cooperation, team building, frontline leadership development, and cross-level collaboration has strengthened inter-organizational ties and company synergy. Over the course of our time implementing BBS programs around the world, we’ve seen it reform damaged relationships, build bridges between labor and management, and strengthen the partnership of executives and frontline employees.

BBS builds relationships. And relationships are the lifeblood of world-class culture.

That is why one researcher with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School approached us after seeing our work in the field. The results told us a lot about the next generation of behavior-based safety.

The Cambridge findings are the result of meticulous analysis of over a million peer-to-peer observations from 88 companies, corresponding safety outcomes, and employee engagement survey results. The conclusions provide a unique look at what works and illuminate a path forward for any leader committed to employee engagement in safety.

On August 31, we’re unveiling the findings from the Cambridge research in our complimentary webinar: The New Rules of Employee Safety Engagement: What new research is telling us about the next generation of behavior-based safety.

Join us for this webinar to learn:

  • Why DEKRA BBS technology remains the go-to tool for achieving performance improvement
  • What research is telling us about workplace adoption strategies and how best to achieve results
  • Why not just any BBS approach will do – our technology possesses essential qualities for achieving what our independent researcher called one of the most effective, if not the most effective, change intervention they ever studied
  • Get recommendations for upgrading your BBS efforts to make them more efficient and powerful at the same time

Register for a revealing look at our proven BBS technology and learn insider tips to transform safety performance and advance a culture committed to world-class safety throughout your organization.

Safety in the News
Safety in the News

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Tuesday, 11 August 2020