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Safety in the News


In this on-going series, we bring you the latest headlines from the world of safety and keep you updated on the issues that matter most.

Railway Safety Up Again

2016 was the safest year on record for US railroads, according to an Association of American Railroads statement. This continues a string of record-setting years that have seen the train accident rate drop 44% since 2000. Equipment-caused accidents, track-caused accidents, and derailments also scored double-digit improvement since the turn of the century, making this the safest period ever for the rail sector.

The freight rail leaders attribute research, development, and implementation of new technologies, as well as annual spending of $26 billion in safety efforts, as drivers of the change. Read how one rail company turned safety from a priority to a value and transformed their culture around safety.

Take A Safety Break

Oregon state officials are inviting local organizations to participate in the 14th annual Safety Break for Oregon, a one-day event designed to raise awareness and promote the value of workplace safety and health. The event, scheduled for May 10, encourages employers to “take a safety break” by organizing a safety workshop, recognizing outstanding safety performance, scheduling a work stoppage to honor the organization’s commitment to safety, or just running an PPE fashion show. Follow the link above to find out more.

Raising awareness about safety is just one of the ways leaders can build a strong culture of safety in their organization. Learn more about directing the key elements of culture to advance safety, production, and overall performance.

Mining Industry – Saving with Safety

NIOSH is offering a free, online tool that calculates the cost of injury claims and compares it to the savings companies could realize if they invested in safety measures. The tool, called Safety Pays in Mining, “demonstrates how avoiding occupational injuries impacts the success of your company.” With a few key strokes, users are provided information estimating the total cost of injuries to their company and its effect on profitability. The tool also offers ideas for turning savings into better safety performance and outcomes.

Our mining clients are leveraging resources to proactively get ahead of injuries. Learn how we helped improve safe behaviors for one coal mine company and reduce injuries for hard rock mining operation.

New Construction Workers at Risk

In 2015, more than 900 construction workers were killed in the US, according to a report by Safety+Health magazine. Nearly two-thirds of those fatalities were caused by four categories of hazards: caught-in or caught-between incidents, electrocution, falls, or struck-by incidents.

With construction ramping up after a long drought, firms are looking for new ways to assure their new hires have the skills they need to work safely. Learn more about the latest research into preventing serious and fatal injuries.

Safety in the News
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