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Worker Death Prompts Toolbox Talk Guide

The Oregon Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation Program released a toolbox talk guide in response to the fatal injury of a forest service specialist, according to Safety+Health Magazine.

The guide reports the specialist died when a felled tree struck her vehicle as she drove through an active falling area. The guide outlines steps workers can take to identify and prevent potential hazards, including: conducting pre-work inspections, posting warning signs to keep people out of work zones, and communicating about exposures and action plans.

Toolbox talks can be effective means of creating cohesive workgroups focused on safety. But to ensure you get the most out of communications and teamwork development, it is critical that your supervisors be skilled safety leaders. Read about the ways organizations are leveraging safety to build better frontline leadership.

Is Your Job Hurting Your Health?

Type of occupation, lack of paid sick leave, and multiple psycho-social factors contributed to worker perceptions of poor health status, according to a study by researchers at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

People employed in business operations jobs, such as marketing or human resources, were the most likely to report poor health, while workers who had no paid sick leave, worried about losing their job, struggled with the work/family balance, or who were bullied on the job also claimed higher rates of sickness and ill health.

“We believe this is the first study to show an association between business operations jobs and poor health,” said Sara Luckhaupt, MD, NIOSH medical officer and lead author of the study. “Knowing which aspects of a person’s job can lead to poor health can help public health and employee wellness professionals develop, ideally with worker input, tailored workplace interventions to advance worker well-being.”

A healthy, engaged workforce is possible. DEKRA helps organizations along the path to world-class environmental, safety, and health performance with tailored solutions driven by leaders and workers who know their business the best. Read about the characteristics of companies that have leveraged safety to achieve operational excellence.

Minneapolis Utility Worker Injured Following Recent Storms

A lineman clearing downed power lines following severe storms in the Twin Cities area was rushed to the hospital after sustaining a serious injury, reports CBS Minnesota. The unidentified worker came in contact with electrical wires when he was helping to restore power to more than 12,000 customers.

The incident is just another in a serious of life-altering injuries sustained by employees in the utility industry. Late last month, a Florida utility worker died repairing power lines, while a similar incident took the life of a Pennsylvania lineworker and a Maryland powerline technician.

Life-threatening exposures are very real in the utility industry. In an upcoming webinar, DEKRA safety experts discuss this issue and present findings from a new study that suggest ways utility leaders can protect employees and eliminate serious injury and fatality exposures in their organizations.

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