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Safety in the News


Every week, we bring you the latest headlines from the world of safety and keep you updated on the issues that matter most.

New Study Reveals Robot/Human Interaction Concerns

More than 70% of professionals believe automation and robots must be better designed to work and interact with humans to reduce the risk of workplace accidents, research has shown.

The study, undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (CIEHF) and jobsite CV-Library, also revealed 89% believe humans will ultimately hold responsibility for mistakes arising in the workplace from machinery and robotics. Read the full article on the study at SHPOnline.

DEKRA has recently published an eBook on how you can better enforce the safety rules in your world called The Leadership Guide to Enforcing Safety Rules. Download the ebook here.

Are You Ready for the Connected Worker?

Straight from the recent Safety 2017 event, one of the popular themes this year was connectivity and the Internet of Things. On the expo floor of Safety 2017, 28 vendors showcased mobile apps (tracking devices, mobile inspections, alarms and signaling devices, etc.). The new buzzword is “connectivity.” Safety pros are now using technology to respond to the exact location of an employee in distress of help while providing tools to account for the wellbeing of every worker. Read the full recap from ISHN Magazine.

In the wake of new technology developments in workplace safety, DEKRA believes that the future of safety includes a strong foundation of safety leadership. Strong leadership supports and cultivates an environment which will foster innovation in safety. See our infographic on the four habits of successful safety leaders.

New Initiative for Mining Safety

​And finally, the U.S. Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration has launched a new initiative aimed at addressing the causes and trends in recent coal fatalities. Of special interest: miners hired within the last year, or in their current job for less than a year. According to data compiled by the administration, less experienced miners suffer injuries at a higher rate than more experience miners. Of the eight coal mining fatalities so far in 2017, seven involved miners with one year or less experience at the mine, and six involved miners with one year or less experience on the job.

You can learn what DEKRA has done to make one mining company safer by visiting our client story page

Safety in the News
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