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Safety in the News


Every week, we bring you the latest headlines from the world of safety and keep you updated on the issues that matter most.

Law Firm: Comply with Safety Laws or Else

A big, global law firm is reminding CEOs to do their best to comply with safety laws...or pay the price. Norton Rose Fulbright has published a blog that outlines the legal responsibilities of employees to keep their workplaces safe.

Lawyers say compliance is the responsibility of the person tasked with the overall management and control of the business (such as, the CEO). Common consequences for non-compliance include the total or part closure of a business and a fine. In the event of a serious injury or fatality, imprisonment with a criminal record is possible.

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How the Meaning of “Made in China” Will Change with Industry 4.0

The Chinese government has released a master plan to transform its country in preparation for a predicted industrial revolution. Many experts say digital technologies are creating a “fourth industrial revolution”—a world of seamlessly interconnected “smart factories” driven by artificial intelligence, cloud computing and big data applications.

Experts say the plan reflects an increased importance of large non-state-owned enterprises as drivers of innovation in China and marks a substantial change in economic power relations in the country. In order to execute the plan, China has to reform how it does business in such areas as vocational training, human-resource management, wage and incentive systems, appraisal of skills, and workplace safety and privacy.

You can read about what some of DEKRA’s thought-leaders have to say about the impact of Industry 4.0 on safety by reading their recently-published article.

Speak Up for Safety: Video Contest

High school students are being asked to raise awareness about on-the-job safety in Oregon. A coalition made up of employees under the age of 25 is hosting a video contest that asks high schoolers in the state to create short videos driving home the importance of speaking up for safety on the job.

The deadline for contest submission is February 1. Winning videos will be screened in the spring and posted to YouTube. The top three entries will be awarded cash prizes ranging from $300 to $500, with the student’s school receiving a matching amount.

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Safety in the News


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