The Comprehensive Approach to Process Safety Management

The Comprehensive Approach to Process Safety Management

Nothing helps senior leaders rest better at night than knowing they can trust their people and systems to work safely at all hours of the day. But creating consistent process safety performance won’t just happen by itself. It takes leadership, determination, and company-wide collaboration to develop the organizational capabilities and culture indicative of world-class safety.

In our latest ebook Organizational Process Safety: Taking Process Safety to the Next Level, we detail a comprehensive approach to process safety management that draws on the lessons of industry from the past 30 years. While many models of PSM have helped lay the ground rules for technical excellence, our limited progress in reducing process incidents shows we need something more. We need to pair the technical knowledge with an understanding of how organizations actually work.

In reality, the activities typically identified as PSM program elements are interdependent and must be tied together by two overarching elements that determine their effectiveness and sustainability. We call these Organizational Capability (including data, knowledge, and expertise) and Organizational Culture.

Achieving process safety excellence is about more than just having the right technical systems in place. It’s about creating a system and culture that supports ongoing detection, mitigation, and learning from process safety exposures.

Download the ebook today and learn what it takes to move process safety to the next level.

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Friday, 25 September 2020