Transformative Safety: The Path from Good to Great

Transformative Safety: The Path from Good to Great

Even for organizations with strong safety records, taking the next step can be a real challenge. How do high performers move the workforce forward and transform a company good at safety to one that is great at it? How can leaders motivate the workforce towards zero injuries and a mindset focused on sending everyone home safe at the end of the day?

Please join us on October 20 for a complimentary webinar: Is your Safety Improvement Plan Transformative or Holding the Status Quo? We discuss successful strategies for taking safety performance to the next level and targeting beyond zero, the importance and impact of focusing on clear and concise cultural attributes, and using new and different analytics to target improvement.

Getting where you want to be takes committed safety leaders who are dedicated to building a culture that supports the right behaviors all the time. Safety leaders aren’t just executives, managers, and supervisors. They are also hourly workers who have the courage to speak up to others about at-risk behaviors and encourage everyone to work safely even during times of stress and time pressure.

Going from good to great doesn’t require you to do more. To get the best out of your safety performance you just need to apply the right focus to a few key areas.

Register for the webinar and learn:

  • The attributes of a transformative plan
  • How to realistically and credibly target beyond zero
  • How to sustain the change the plan is designed to make in the organization
  • The potential next steps that can be taken to get you where you want to be
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Friday, 25 September 2020