DEKRA Insight owes much of its success to talented and innovative employees who are inspired by their work. Every DEKRA Insight employee knows that his or her efforts contribute to reducing injuries and fatalities in workplaces around the world. To ensure we have the talent to fulfill this mission, we are constantly in search of individuals with exceptional experience and expertise in key disciplines — safety and safety management/leadership, applied behavior analysis (ABA), organization development, quality, operations, industrial hygiene, training, consulting, instructional design, customer service improvement, and statistical modeling and analysis.

By building and maintaining a uniquely positive culture based on teamwork, collaboration, and a shared commitment to excellence in all that we do, DEKRA Insight continues to be an employer of choice for talented individuals in our industry.

Why Work at DEKRA Insight

Although individually we bring very diverse styles, talents and backgrounds, everyone who works at DEKRA Insight possesses exceptional credentials, experience and a drive to succeed. Attracting the best and brightest people isn't easy. We do it by setting high standards in three critical areas:

Job Satisfaction

DEKRA Insight is committed to maintaining a workplace that allows our employees to flourish as human beings. We believe that the key to unlocking performance is to foster a healthy environment—physically, emotionally, mentally, and intellectually. We also understand that our employees are balancing work with families, community involvement, and a host of other activities that help them develop their full potential.

A Positive, High-Performing Culture

Many organizations claim to be a great place to work, or to have a “great culture.” At DEKRA Insight, we can prove it. Each year we give ourselves a check-up using the same organizational diagnostic tool that we use with our clients. This allows us to evaluate ourselves in relation to other organizations on the six scales signifying a high-performing culture.

It is no surprise that DEKRA Insight's culture is one that is uniquely positive and high performing. After all, creating this kind of a culture is what we've been helping clients around the world do for almost 30 years.

Not Just a Job. A Career.

We know the value of outstanding performance and we reward employees accordingly. Personal and professional growth are encouraged and supported at DEKRA Insight. Opportunities to assume roles with increased responsibility are available to all who want to pursue them, and are based above all else on merit. As we strive to achieve our ambitious goals, we recognize the need to continue investing in the growth and professional development of our employees.