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DEKRA Insight Process Safety Team Helps Launch First Nano Particulate Testing Laboratory in Belgium

Wallonia, Belgium – January 5, 2017 – DEKRA Insight, a global leader in safety at work, today announced its process safety team’s participation in helping the first Nano particulate testing lab in Belgium come online.

DEKRA Insight’s process safety team from France and the Polish Laboratory ANKO helped with the installation of the 20 liter sphere which is vital to the operations and testing functions of the lab. The new nanoparticle laboratory of ISSeP (Institut Scientifique de Service Public) was opened in Colfontaine (Wallonia - Belgium). The lab allows for testing of Nano particles, specifically to their flammability and explosive nature.

Nano particles are present everywhere, especially in the industries which deal with or include fine chemicals in their products such as the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, automotive and packaging industries. This new lab allows organizations within these industries to do more detailed testing to prevent future exposures and most importantly, keep workers safe.

For more information about DEKRA Insight’s process safety services in France, please visit our website.

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