Brain-Centric Reliability™

Our Methodology

Our methodology within the Brain-Centric Reliability™ System is founded on first conducting a systemic examination of the organizational foundations and real-time reliability drivers impeding upon the human performance reliability of an organization.

Brain Centric Reliability process

Implementation of the four-phase Brain-Centric Reliability Process begins with Phase 1, which is a detailed BCR™ Operations Analysis that specifies a company's:

  1. Organizational practices that are hindering human performance reliability
  2. Primary Brain-Centered Hazard exposures present within the job tasks
  3. Analysis of the Brain-Centered Hazard exposures contributing to workplace incidents
  4. Associated risks as well as current reliability practices (if any)

The results of this detailed BCR Operations Analysis typically examines the twelve elements of a company's risk profile, workplace culture, organizational structures, and operational practices that are known to impact the performance reliability of individuals, work teams, and the organization as a whole. The findings from this Operations Analysis determine the most efficient and effective path to brain-aligned and high-reliability operations across an entire organization, site, or business unit.

In Phase 2, findings from the BCR Operations Analysis are used to create a Strategic Reliability Roadmap that is aimed at mitigating identified Brain-Centered Hazard exposures and building human performance reliability and associated operational safety practices across the client organization. While customized to each client, the Reliability Roadmap typically identifies changes needed to power High-Performance Reliability at the organizational (corporate and site), team, and individual levels of the operational system.

During Phase 3A, our team of experts assist corporate and site leaders to implement the organizational BCR Solutions contained in the Reliability Roadmap.

Phase 3B focuses on the individual/team member countermeasures for achieving real-time reliability and overall vitality and readiness for duty, especially personal fatigue management.

Phase 4 centers on monitoring, evaluating, and continuously embedding and improving human performance reliability and related process and organizational reliability.