Safety Management Systems

Developing safety data analytics and metrics that drive results

How we seek and use information about safety is critical to our ability to achieve results in safety. Many organizations track and record copious amounts of data but don’t know how to use it. Others can’t seem to gather enough data or the right data to adequately measure. High-functioning organizations are able to effectively collect, analyze and navigate the nuances of data and metrics, determining what can be useful and what is simply noise. Our data collection and analytics services and solutions pair the experiential expertise of our research professionals with proven tools and methodologies to increase predictability, enhance reliability and move measurement farther upstream from outcomes in both personal and process safety.

We use the right safety data to drive action.

All information has intrinsic value, but the right information has the power to change people’s thinking, spur action and save lives. We help you make connections between disparate data sources including safety metrics, observation data, inspection reports, verification audits, leadership assessments, and more. We use leading and lagging indicators to assess past performance and predict future exposures. And we identify opportunities to leverage broader data sources (e.g. geographic data, environmental variables, etc.) to isolate and identify the unique variables affecting your safety performance and focus.

We can read a lot into a little information.

While data analytics can often shed light on powerful trends and stunning revelations, actionable safety indicators occasionally lie in the smaller margins of data presentation, the slight deviations and “weak signals” that may go unnoticed in less experienced hands. The discovery and analysis of these deviations is not an accident—it requires the training, anticipation and forethought to look for them, the tools and systems to capture and use information from a variety of sources, and the leadership to recognize weak signals and act on them in the pursuit of organizational safety.

We have the tools to achieve our goals.

At the heart of safety data are the tools that allow us to collect more actionable information faster than ever before. We deliver industry-leading software solutions for data capture, analysis and presentation. Mobile solutions for real-time capture of data in the field. Cloud-based programs that aid in collection and analysis. Single portal programs for management of data from multiple sources. Solutions that identify gaps in data collection and bridge them. Information is critical in the pursuit of safety, and our solutions make the business of data collection easier, faster and more targeted than ever before.

We see big data as a huge opportunity.

The facts and figures surrounding the massive collection of data are stunning—some estimates have the amount of data being collected increasing by 30-40 percent every year. But data is just data—even if there’s a lot of it—until it is analyzed, placed in proper context and applied. We want our clients to think broadly about the structure of data collection and analysis within the organization, to use any and all data at their disposal, and to effectively cut through the noise to make smart decisions that keep employees safe and companies running at peak efficiency on a sustainable basis.

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