Supervisor Development

Safety leadership principles and practices are not just for executives—they’re also critical for the frontline supervisors and managers who execute the organization’s objectives every day. Engaging mid-level managers in safety provides companies with the first line of defense in managing EHS issues, communicating organizational priorities and values, and building relationships with individual team members. Yet this group more than any other is often left out of safety improvement efforts. SafeAlign—our supervisor safety training process—equips mid-line leaders to execute your organization’s highest safety goals and supports your efforts to:

  • Translate safety vision into safety action at the front lines
  • Align your supervisory and managerial workforce around safety goals
  • Develop critical safety leadership skills throughout the organization
  • Advance goals for reduced exposures and sustainable safety performance

Through our work with organizations around the world, we’ve learned that engaging mid-line managers in safety is often the key that unlocks sustainable safety performance. We build safety supervisors’ fluency in a set of safety activities that each define critical opportunities to shape the safety culture and accelerate team functioning. SafeAlign supports your efforts to:

  • Create alignment around your safety objectives – Our work starts with a custom plan specifically designed for your organization and success criteria. A senior sponsorship team spearheads the safety initiative across all levels of your organization, assuring alignment and collaboration on your most important safety goals.
  • Build effective individual and team action plans – We use validated diagnostic tools to assess individual and team leadership performance. Our experts review the data to identify the developmental opportunities that will engage midlevel managers and deliver the strongest safety-improvement outcomes.
  • Strengthen critical safety activities – Leveraging your safety data, development for mid-line leaders is focused around set of critical activities that every one of your safety supervisors must be able to do, and do well.
  • Learn in the classroom—and in the field – Using a combination of workshops and in-field coaching, your managers and supervisors not only gain critical safety leadership knowledge and skills—they learn how to apply them in the context of their day-to-day jobs.
  • Sustain improvement over the long term – Safety supervisor leadership development is a process, not a training. We help your team build leadership observation and feedback processes to monitor, reinforce, and enhance improvement.