White Paper

white paper

Beyond PSM: Integrating Culture and Leadership Into Process Incident Prevention

by R. Scott Stricoff

Process safety systems have changed little over the past two decades. Most companies employ one of a handful of similar models that are more or less effective at mitigating risks. The difference between success and failure is not in the systems alone, however, but in the human factors surrounding them. In particular, how leaders go about supporting incident prevention.

This white paper explores the ways organizations can integrate leadership and culture into comprehensive process incident prevention that supports behavioral reliability in all areas of process safety management. We examine:

  • The role behavior plays in the execution of technical systems that support process safety
  • The critical elements of a strong process safety culture: Anticipation, Inquiry, Execution, and Resilience
  • The ways leaders can encourage proactive risk-mitigation practices in the organization
  • The key organizational characteristics indicative of a culture effective at catastrophic event prevention